martes, febrero 10, 2009

Funk Soul Brother Series Vol. 1

Como aquellos mixtapes que tanto nos gustaban en los años 80 y 90, ésta es una de mis primeras selecciones de temas favoritos. Por aquí pasean James Brown, Ike & Tina Turner, Mohawks, Joe Tex... Aviso: los archivos en mp3 aparecen sin descripción de artistas y títulos. Supongo, como exquisitos oyentes de funk & soul que sois, seguramente las reconoceréis.

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harvey dijo...

Hi fSb !

Nice Compilation !!

Please post a tracklist.

fSb dijo...

Hi Harvey. Thanks for your comment. Please give me some time to find some name artists and title songs thet I don't know.
Enjoy the music.

Claudiox dijo...

no track list :(

i hate that in my mp3 player

AlbaObscura dijo...

no estaría mal una listita con los títulos de las canciones, hay mucho conocido, pero mucho por conocer ;)

Anónimo dijo...

Exquisita selección! Muchas gracias por compartirla.
Pero por favor... podrías añadir el track list?? Aunque sea con otro comentario de esta entrada!

fSb dijo...

Espero tener algo de tiempo para "rescatar" los títulos de todos estos temas. Gracias a vosotros.

dingoant dijo...

great comp and blog - anybody work out the tracklisting?


Anónimo dijo...

Here is an incomplete tracklist that I was able to come up with. If anyone can provide more info on the missing tracks I'm sure that we'd all appreciate it. (No guarantee that this is 100% accurate. It was the best that I could do.)

Funk Soul Brother Series Vol. 1 - Tracklist

1. ? - intro
2. Naomi Davis & The Knights of Forty irst Street - Forty First Street Breakdowne
3. Ike and Tina Turner - Bold Soul Sister
4. Ramsey Lewis - Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey
5. Kool And The Gang - Jungle Boogie
6. James Brown - Get on the Good Foot Pt.1
7. Jerry-O - Soul Sister
8. The Jimmy Castor Bunch - It's Just Begun
9. Wee Willie Reefer - Get Some
10. Billy Garner - I Got Some
11. Joe Tex - Papa Was Too
12. James Brown - Coldblooded
13. ?
14. Jack Wade & The Soul Searchers - Searching for Soul Pt.1
15. Joseph Henry - Who's the King
16. Joao Donato - Homenagem Ao Malandro
17. ?
18. Donato Deodato - Whistle Stop
19. ? (Mohawks) ?
20. Bobby Valentin - Guarambembere
21. Beatfanatic - Cookin
22. Communicators & Black - The Road
23. Reginald Milton & The Soul Jets - Clap your hands
24. Sandi & Matues - The World
25. ?
26. The Mighty Imperials - The Matador
27. James Brown - My Thang
28. Fausto Pappeti - Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye

fSb dijo...

Wow!!! Thank you very much!! You're the real funk master :)
I will do my best to complete the unknown songs. This was a selection I made a long time ago. Many of the songs you're listening here were selected from DJs mixes. I think it's imperfect but got a lot of good groove :)
Thank you again my brother.

Anónimo dijo...

I'm not a funk master. Just someone who has some decent techology (iphone + shazam/soundhound) and a bit of free time on my hands.

If anyone is a true funk master, it is surely you.

I found a mistake in my original track listing. Track 18 should read:

18. João Donato - Whistle Stop

Donato Deodato appears to be the name of the album that the track is from.

kostas dijo...