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Hard to Find! Volume 1 - 60s & 70s Underground Funk Compilation (2005)

Fabulosa recopilación distribuida por la española Funkorama Records. Detrás del proyecto, Carlo Coupé, músico y productor especializado en crear y rescatar sonidos funk, soul, easy listening y lounge. Aquí va una de 45s. ¡Let's shake it!
  1. Creative Funk - Moving World
  2. King Solomon - The Moon Walk
  3. Soul Tornadoes - Go For Yourself
  4. The Seven Souls - Groove In
  5. The Deacons - Sock It To Me
  6. Wee Willie & The Winners - Get Some
  7. Big Barney - The Whole Thang
  8. Benny Sharp & The Sharpies - Music (I Like It)
  9. High Voltage - Here Comes The Streaker
  10. Soul Partners - Spead
  11. Jade - Music Slave
  12. Black Haze Express - Won't Nobody Listen
  13. Caprell's - Every Day People
  14. Maskman & The Agents - Stand Up Part II
  15. Jerry Washington - Baby, Don't Leave Me
  16. The Brothers & Sisters - Nobody Is Gonna Turn Us Part I

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